Thursday, September 2, 2010

7 Things

No this is not a post about Miley Cyrus! haha.  I thought It would be fun to do a 7 things you didn't know about me!

1. I am taking a break from facebook. Its unrealistic to think I can keep up with 500 friends and still have time to earn a degree or have real friends. Life is about living in the real world, in the hear and now. 

2. My cats are part of my family. 

3. This year I am focusing on "Letting the Day." Just going with the flow and allowing college to happen. I am embracing every experience presented to me with a whole heart and an open mind. Its quite liberating! 

4. Sunsets are my favorite time of day. 

5. Small children fascinate me. I love the way kids ask the most honest questions. I think being around kids a lot keeps your imagination going on forever and keeps your soul young. Nothing is impossible.

6. I love this boy. 

7. Rainbows are my most favorite natural occurrence. Its like nature showing off. 

Until Next Time Bloggers.