Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lauren's Senior Pictures!

Lauren and her family have been close friends forever!!! They are such fun-loving, sweet and happy people! Our mom's are friends, our little sisters are friends and our dad's are friends! Lauren's big sister Kaityln and I were on drill team together from 7th to 12th grade!! My family and I have been through thick and thin with the Andreas's and I am excited for for the things Mrs.Beth and I have in the works!!! ;) 

I was so honored when Lauren's mom asked me to take Lauren's Senior Pictures! I can't believe Lauren is graduating! That means Haley, my younger sister is graduating too!! Where did the time go!? I hope everyone enjoys Lauren's pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!! She is so gorgeous and relaxed in front of the camera! She made my job very easy! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For My Sweet Boy Sterling

someone very special to my heart just left this earth to be another angel. He has been sick for a while but my family has been holding onto him until the very last minute. Our little boy passed away friday after a long battle with cancer. He was the sweetest most loving, and grumpy boy ever! 

He was a pumpkin pie lover. 
He was a loud barker and protector of our house. 
He loved horse show sundays.
He loved to chase cows at the ranch, and welcome guests too. 
He was usually not the center of attention, but always in the room. 
He taught our other babies how to act and when to beg for treats from daddy. 
He slept underneath the covers, and patrolled the halls at night.
He loved his many babies, especially the white coca-cola kind. 
Most of all he will be missed when eating bananas, I'm not sure I will ever get used to eating a whole one by myself. 

My Photography Story!

For those of you that follow this blog I apologize that I have not been as good about blogging in the new year! I have been so busy with 18 hours of school, photography jobs, and family emergencies! January has been a rough month, but better times and brighter futures are ahead. 

Anyway, the reason for this post is to share a little about my photography story! One of my all time favorite  photo blogs by Virginia Wedding Photographer Katelyn James is giving away one of the spots to her spring workshop! I am absolutely THRILLED at the chance to win a spot in one of her workshops! 
Can you say a DREAM COME TRUE? 

I was first bitten by the photography bug when I was sixteen. At this time in my life I was knee deep in  my high school's drill team, The Reveliers but most of all, pageants!! I was getting a new headshot made and chatting up the photographer the first time I saw a DSLR. I think I probed and prodded his brain with questions until he finally asked me if I wanted to watch them process the pictures! I jumped at the chance! I saw them work the magic of photoshop and I was totally hooked. I asked my parents for a camera for my seventeenth birthday and the rest is history. I became a yearbook photographer my senior year of high school and never looked back!  

I looked at photography only as a hobby and never dreamed of owning my own business until a friend asked me to take her senior pictures. I was flattered and excited that she wanted me to take them! She gave me $100 for a CD of images and the idea clicked like a dream; at the time that seemed like a million dollars for a poor college student like me! I started taking pictures of my close family and all of my cousins at family get togethers and started eating, breathing and drinking photography! I couldn't get enough! 

As college has gone on, I have taken every opportunity to improve, network and learn the many different ways a photography business can work. I love that there are so many things to learn about taking pictures and I love how the industry is constantly changing and growing. I have met so many people willing to mentor and guide me through the process of "doing photography" for a living. 

I think attending Katelyn's workshop would be an amazing opportunity for me and my business to grow. As most of you know I have been working on "branding" myself with an awesome new logo (if I do say so myself) and a new and more permanent look to my blog. Everything about my business is slowly but surely coming together and I think Katelyn's workshop would be the icing on the cake to help me understand and learn all the things that I have been missing out on by trying to teach myself! (tee-hee) 

Katelyn's workshop would help me imporve my skills because she is an amazing wedding photographer, and for those of you who know, I am about to shoot my first WEDDING! I am terrified as much as I am excited! I think the nerves of shooting my first solo wedding are serious but big. I think going into the day knowing that I have been taught a few tips from someone who is a pro at weddings, will absolutely help me to improve my wedding skills and give the bride and groom beautiful images that they will treasure forever.  

Right now, I love taking pictures of everything! Little girls in their sparkly pink ballet tutus, my cousin's newborn baby, my dog and cat snuggling on the floor and my reluctant roommate in whatever ridiculous outfit I request her to wear; but someday I hope I can narrow down the field and focus on one or two wonderful perfect things. Until  I figure out what those are, I plan on embracing every experience dreaming big and going for it! Like my dad always told me "go big or go home." 

Attending Katelyn's Workshop would be a dream come true for little 21 year old me! 

Until Next Time Friends!! <3