Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lauren's Senior Pictures!

WOW. I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around that I only have a year of school left. Taking Lauren's senior pictures really put a lot of things into perspective like that I am within a year of graduating. 

This summer marks my second, but definitely not my last, semester of being a senior at Texas State. One thing I have to say about my time here is that the Texas hill country has made a permanent home in my heart. The ever impending decision of where I will student teach (thats right people, student teach.... i am still an education major after all :) is really starting to be a weight on my shoulders even though it is still 3 months away. I have no clue how I am going to make this decision... but all panic attack inducing thoughts aside here is Lauren! <3 

Lauren is a soon-to-be college grad!!! She was kind enough to entertain some of my crazy requests in the location department and we had a little adventure of our own one crazy sunday morning! We trekked all over the Texas State Campus in search of the perfect portrait spot! I have to admit, her pictures have busted open an entirely new set of photo locations that make me wish I had more clients in my college town! :) 

P.S. I really went for it with these edits.... let me know if you like the look! :) 
Your comments are greatly appreciated! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sean's Senior Pictures!

This is Sean! My little sister Haley and Sean have been friends for a while! They run track and cross country together and they are GRADUATING together this year! Again I cannot believe my baby sister is already graduating......You may recognize him because they went to CP Homecoming together this year! He is a second-timer on the blog (and one of the first at that!) 

Sean totally took ahold creatively of his session! It was so fun to watch him flirt with the camera! He was such a natural! He just went for it and was totally open to all my crazy suggestions and even had some of his own! He knew exactly what he wanted and that is so awesome! I absolutely adore the way this shoot came out! I will definitely be using the parks of the woodlands more often! :) I love when clients come to me with something in mind! Its gets my creative juices flowing! :) 

Had to add this one in..... I just love his face!!! <3

I'm in love with this pic and I don't know why.....maybe its because it looks like a nicer place to be then studying for finals!!! :( haha

Aaron's Senior Pictures!

This is Aaron!!! His mom and my mom teach dance at the same studio! :) I am so happy that he asked me to take his senior pictures! Isn't he a cutie!? 

He and his mom and brother, met me and my mom and sister at a local church to take pictures! We must have looked like an interesting set of folks! I have never done a Senior session at this church before but it was so beautiful; I will definitely have to remember it for the future! 

Aaron was such a good sport! It was soooo hot outside! Poor guys kept hearing me say "one more, oh wait, no! ONE more!!!" I could not get enough pictures of him! He made my job very difficult because I had to pick out the ones I liked, there were so many good ones! I must have taken a good 200 or 300 of him in an hour! Holy cow, I need to stop doing that! :) 

Little Bro hopped in for a few! 

We took a little break for some fun on the church's snow slide!!!! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sarah and Picaro

Its completely ridiculous that it has been 18 days since I posted a blog. School is kicking my butt! Within a week finals will be over and I will have a whole month for photo stuff! :)))))) I could not be more excited! I have been working very, very hard lately and I wanted to show off the first in a marathon day of shooting!

Sarah and her beautiful horse Picaro are a match made in horsey heaven. They are so tuned in to one another, its clear they are in love! They sway the same way and move together like they have practiced the dance everyday. The way they move beside each other shows just how linked they are to each other's souls. My little sister rode horses forever (she is on a hiatus because of college!) and being at the barn brought back all kinds of memories from the days of endless horse shows! I will never be able to forget the combined smell of fresh cut grass, alfalfa hay and well polished leather on a sunday morning.

these are my favorite!!!! 

         maybe this one is my favorite photo....