Friday, April 27, 2012

Aaron's Senior Pictures!

This is Aaron!!! His mom and my mom teach dance at the same studio! :) I am so happy that he asked me to take his senior pictures! Isn't he a cutie!? 

He and his mom and brother, met me and my mom and sister at a local church to take pictures! We must have looked like an interesting set of folks! I have never done a Senior session at this church before but it was so beautiful; I will definitely have to remember it for the future! 

Aaron was such a good sport! It was soooo hot outside! Poor guys kept hearing me say "one more, oh wait, no! ONE more!!!" I could not get enough pictures of him! He made my job very difficult because I had to pick out the ones I liked, there were so many good ones! I must have taken a good 200 or 300 of him in an hour! Holy cow, I need to stop doing that! :) 

Little Bro hopped in for a few! 

We took a little break for some fun on the church's snow slide!!!! 

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