Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Few Days of Firenze!

Tuscan Hills! 

Our Apartment Kitchen

The lock on our door! 

Lunch! I love the cappuccino here! 


Our Tagalong Teacher

The Food Festival in the Tuscan Hills

Tuscan Sunset

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am defiantly not packed for italy tomorrow.  Its super unlike me too because usually I am the first to be ready in my family for everything! As I'm typing this my room is somewhat like a hurricane has ripped through it. Although my clothes are packed toiletries are not, food is not, shoes are not..... (my rainbows are missing!) I have euros, i havent booked my train tickets, i need to pack a towel and the speeding ticket I recently acquired is now where near ready to send off.

I'm not anxious like I usually am, although I have had a dreams that my teeth are falling out.

I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye at the airport, or the 17 Hours of traveling. everything else I am really excited for!

Emily's Graduation Pictures!

I was so excited to take emily's graduation pictures! 
She is off to the naval academy in the fall! We are all so proud of her! 

One problem with this picture!!! Her graduating class is '11.
This will be fixed when my student edition of photoshop is approved :)

I LOVE this one!! It was soooo windy! 

Loved that her shoes matched her cords! 

Magnolia Prom 2011

i was so excited to be asked to take pictures of another prom group!! I loved the way these pictures turned out! These guys were such characters! 

"We forgot the corsages!"

Jordan and his nephew Cammie


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prom 2011

although know one is graduating from my family this year, some how we ended up at prom. My little sister took one of her friends to his prom this year! It was so fun to watch everyone be excited about prom! you could feel the energy/akwardness of standing around while your parents snapped pictures, it seemed on everybody's faces that they just wanted to get to prom and start having fun! Hopefully I snapped some good shots! if you want digital files of any of these pictures feel free to shoot me and email! misslevk@yahoo.com Enjoy!