Sunday, July 31, 2011

my most favorite beach in the whole world! (Chinquaterra- is that how you spell it?)

Chiquaterra means 5 cities in Italian, it was so beautiful. The five cities are snuggled into the italian coast line. The day we went was over cast but it was still the most serene and relaxing place I've ever been too. It was so wonderful to just lay on the beach and watch the ocean and explore the caves along the coastline. I've already decided I will visit these beautiful cities again. <3

now i'm going to be one of those annoying people that puts their logo on everything.

Trajan Ruins Panoramic

I've discovered adobe tutorials!!! I am playing around with a lot of new and different techniques!!! This is the Trojan Ruins in Rome, they were so beautiful! They are just being excavated and they are in the city center. The part of the ruins that are being uncovered is the market. This is a view from the top of the ruins. It was so beautiful, you could see all of Rome from the top of the ruins. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This picture deserves a post of its own. This is my most favorite picture I took over the corse of my whole trip to europe. It was taken at the entry of a church in rome, a chance shot, that made me realize how much I love light and its ability to paint a picture of its own desire. The man in the picture is the most amazing photography professor. I was so fortunate to follow him around and learn his techniques in such a beautiful once in a lifetime trip. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

driving home tonight was one of those times that i wished i had my camera, i jumped to a panic in my next thought- where is my camera? as i retraced my footsteps about where i had left it a smile grew on my face. It was sitting right behind me on the back passenger's seat. How Lucky. I snapped this as I drove along sessom tonight. I cant wait to be living full time in San Marvelous again. :) 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July

After being out of the country for 5 weeks, I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. My sleep cycle is slowly coming back and I have started working again! Babysitting and taking pictures. I have so many pictures of my trip, I am having a very hard time editing all of them. They are coming along slowly but surely. I have so many I want to frame and share on my blog!

Here are a few from fourth of July! I didn't take most of them, Haley and William spent most of the day passing my camera back and fourth. It was a nice break to let someone else be the photographer, I was happy blowing bubbles and sitting in the Texas sun watching the parade.