Friday, April 27, 2012

Sean's Senior Pictures!

This is Sean! My little sister Haley and Sean have been friends for a while! They run track and cross country together and they are GRADUATING together this year! Again I cannot believe my baby sister is already graduating......You may recognize him because they went to CP Homecoming together this year! He is a second-timer on the blog (and one of the first at that!) 

Sean totally took ahold creatively of his session! It was so fun to watch him flirt with the camera! He was such a natural! He just went for it and was totally open to all my crazy suggestions and even had some of his own! He knew exactly what he wanted and that is so awesome! I absolutely adore the way this shoot came out! I will definitely be using the parks of the woodlands more often! :) I love when clients come to me with something in mind! Its gets my creative juices flowing! :) 

Had to add this one in..... I just love his face!!! <3

I'm in love with this pic and I don't know why.....maybe its because it looks like a nicer place to be then studying for finals!!! :( haha

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